Saturday, October 29, 2005

An Explanation and A Life Less Ordinary

Ok, I figured 3 things might have happened from my last post referring to someone's "trash novel".

1. No one would have read it. I see now that that didn't happen. :)
2. People would have seen the movie where I had placed the long quote from, therefore getting the humor of why I referred to anything as a trash novel.
3. The writer might have gotten offended - but I was hoping this wouldn't happen.

So, Cindy - my apologies for referring to what you are writing as a trash novel. I honestly hope what you write goes very well and I do hope you get published. Truth be told, I think even the thought of it came from trombonekenny's comment on your blog. - If you've seen "A Life Less Ordinary" and maybe you have, the running joke about Robert's "trash" novel I found hilarious at the time, because everyone seems to be able to predict the end of the book based on absolutely no information - even though he hadn't written it yet and he had given them about 3 tidbits of information. I guess looking back its just a running joke with myself - maybe Sarah will understand what I'm meaning too if she rents it this weekend and shares my sense of humor. :)

So, seriously, best of luck on your book. I was not meaning to offend at all and I could see how you might take it that way. I could never seriously write any book, especially a work of fiction. I'm just not creative enough.

So, for those of you who knew the movie - fantastic.....for those of you who haven't even heard of the movie I recommend renting it since it is fantastic. Truth be told, it is a romantic comedy in some respect - and it has some pretty big actors in it (Ewan McGregor, Cameron Diaz, Holly Hunter, etc). It is a little twisted, but an excellent movie nonetheless. I give it 4 stars.

Wendy and I saw "The Weather Man" which was a little slow but rewarding overall. I think almost entirely filmed in Chicago. I'll post something about it later tonight.


Mrs. R said...

I know you didn't mean anything by it... I'm not crying my eyes out or anything. It's just that everyone has been picking on me since I posted that little bit!!!

What the heck?

I'm just a little sensitive I guess.

I'll be sure to send you a complimentary copy when I get it published... in the year 2027. (that's how long it'll take at this rate) :) But you must post nice things about it on your blog.

No worries - I'm not upset. :)

Anonymous said...


I love that movie. hey, are you going to be the shirtless Stanley Tucci with the balm wrap around his head 'cause your fiancee shot you instead of the apple for halloween?

That would rock.


Unknown said...

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