Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Guess the movie....without using Google

Ok, everyone try to guess what movie this is from without using google or other means. I wanted to see who is l33t enough to remember this. (This should be easy). You get extra points if your wife is writing a trash novel (you know who you are), therefore the motivation for the clip. Tell her to worry about google's cache :) I'm totally kidding. Anyhow, on to the movie snippit:
ROBERT: She's the secret daughter...of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, right? I mean,that's why Marilyn was murdered.So,the young girl grows up in an orphanage...unaware of her incredible parentage. Years go by. She's beautiful. She's smart She's successful, OK?

MAN ON RIGHT: Then what?

ROBERT: Well,then... Then she gets sent to London as U.S. ambassador.

MAN ON LEFT: Where she discovers who she is...and also unravels the secret of the Nazi gold...hidden underneath the embassy.

ROBERT: Uh,yeah.

MAN ON RIGHT: It's kind of obvious, Robert.Of course it's obvious, guys. It's a trash novel.You buy it in the airport, you take it on holiday.

To prove you've actually seen the movie, tell me the profession of the men on the left and right. They are the same.

Big shout out to my sister Lana who turned 23 today. Happy Birthday Lana!!!
And here's your surprise - a picture of you on the internet...... :) Its the most recent one i've got.


belle said...

Ok I know what it is but I'm not going to ruin it for everyone else (like some meanies are doing by ripping on up and coming writers on their blogs and not letting true fans appreciate her work. Dorks. )
BUT I have to say I didn't know the movie so I had to look it up and I have never seen it before, so maybe I'll rent that this weekend. Of course ideally I'd like to rent scary movies but I'm sure they're all gone by now. :P Plus Scott doesn't like Halloween. AND he wasn't all excited about the Sox yesterday. The man I married is a complete stranger to me! :o ALL I ASK IS FOR A MAN WHO WILL WATCH BASEBALL WITH ME AT HOOTERS. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???
Ok enough of my ranting. I should do that on my own blog. :)

Mrs. R said...

I take offense at my writing being called a "trashy novel" - I'll have you know it is a suspense novel with a touch of comedy.

But I suppose you'll never know if you continue to make me feel bad about my writing. :(

Be nice to me - I might be famous one day.