Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Everything is Illuminated

Wendy and I saw Everything is Illuminated on Sunday - after Jason (my brother) said that this movie was generally funny. I think he is just remembering parts of this movie because by the end the movie is definitely not funny.

I mean it did have its "premium" funny moments - overall it was people coming grips with their parts and learning things about their ancestors - and understand more about themselves because of it. I'd recommend going to see it, but keep in mind it is about the Holocaust - so despite what people tell you - while it does have fun moments, it definitely has a serious tone throughout the whole movie.

Today I went to the Microsoft Kick off event for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. I'd say I definitely got some out of the SQL portion - some definitely either cool new features in 2005 or ones I just didn't know about in 2000. The Peer to Peer database replication I saw would be nothing short of amazing in a bunch of circumstances. Maybe 2000 did this but I could see a lot of applications utilizing this. Plus the free copy of SQL Server 2005 standard and Visual Studio Standard 2005 (I think) was a nice touch. I'm not a developer so the Visual Studio portion was mostly lost on me.

And this isn't exactly exciting but we got a new kitchen table and chairs (since we didn't have any actual chairs for the other table - they were broken and thrown out in the move). So that kitchen picture a couple of posts ago is now out of date. I guess I'll have to post a new one soon.

And to all of you that are living further north - it was in the 80s today. HA :) Finally part of the reason that I'm leaving here. I'm sure it was unseasonably warm, but I still enjoyed it.


belle said...

Tony I'm so jealous of the weather by you. It's cold with wind and snow advisories up here :P Normally that wouldn't bother me, but when I'm standing outside in my pajamas waiting for my dog to go to the bathroom the cold is noticable.
I'll have to see Everything is Illuminated. Is it a national release? I haven't even heard of it, but that doesn't mean anything because we don't get very many movies up here. Scott and I might go see Jarheads, which actually is up here.
Anyway Enjoy your weather :P

Anonymous said...

You got your kickoff a day early! I'm going tomorrow. Looking forward to it all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, that one character really was the highlight of the film. You cut out all the rest and it would probably be that much better