Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Forest that is Ours

Sunday Wendy and I ventured into our backyard - we just aren't 100% sure where it ends.

It finally is starting to look like fall around here. Good thing too - since it is practically thanksgiving. I think it was still in the 80s last week, but is generally starting to get colder. Also, I think it really has only rained maybe 4 or 5 times since we've been here. Thats once a month at best!

This is right out our back door off the deck.

All this is literally just a couple hundred feet out of our backyard - I know - everyone gets it - we live in a forest.

This last one is leading back into the backyard.

On a totally unrelated note - I got the EVDO service from Verizon to work on my Blackberry for work - it was basically released today I think. I ended up giving a code that I read on a forum to verizon tech support - they had no idea what it was - and after upgrading the OS on it the speed is much faster!

And I've been practicing the new sax - I'll post some actual pictures of it soon. It is a little more worn as far as the finish goes than I expected, but still very nice. I am no out of practice. The first time picking it back up I felt at about the 7th grade level. Now I've progressed to maybe where I was coming in as a freshman in high school. I think this really will take at least half a year to get close to where I was before. Hey, it's a hobby at least that I have other than computers.


Anonymous said...

Saxamaphone, Saxamaphone.

Anonymous said...


Your autumn forest pics reminded me of this oddly real documentary about fishing....

for all you Netflix buggers out there, pop this movie on your list. I'm trying to locate it locally (rentertainment perhaps?) but not yet successful. click on my hyperlinked name or copy/paste the following line into your browsers:


Documentary about Fishing. Primitive Fishing.