Thursday, November 10, 2005

I want a pile as tall as a man and 8 feet wide!!!!

Ok, most men are taller than this pile.

I saw posted in the "free" section of Craigslist - Free Firewood.

The post is still there. All you can haul. Try me. :)

Granted, we don't have a truck or anything, so we just took both of our cars.

We don't have anything other than a fire pit in the backyard to burn the wood so I think this is going to last us a while. I'd call that a Slick Deal! It may have been a 20 minute drive out there and the back seats of both of our cars and trunks are full of pieces of bark and needs to be cleaned now, but we're happy.


Anonymous said...

T - don't forget about Freecycle. It's through Yahoo Groups and people are giving away ROCKIN stuff there all the time. I even picked up some more Latin texts one day. Can you believe it? No one was interested!

BTW, I got lance in my.. nevermind. You suck. ;) mm mm mmmm mm mm mmmm...

Alamodality Jones

Anonymous said...

Actually, does it get cold enough there for you to burn wood in the fireplace? Or do you have a wood burning stove.. Should I start calling you Brother Tony? Are you growing a beard?

I got lance.. crap!

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