Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Surprise Visit

Yesterday, my Dad gave me a call saying he was going to be here today! He was going to be in the area on business so he just got here a little bit earlier to visit Wendy and I. He just saw our place, we talked a bit, and went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Est, Est, Est. I think the left the B off of those words, but what do I know?

The food was pretty good and they had cannolli :)

I'm just going to post some pictures of our place mostly for my family which has not seen it other than Frank and my Dad as well as some pictures from today.

Just some general pictures of the interior of the house.

He got to rent a converible for work - How interesting. But I guess it is still mid 70s in November so I can't complain! I guess I live a sheltered life but its my first ride in a convertible with the top down - um, ever. What a rock I live under.


belle said...

Tony, I'm jealous of your house. You're renting for now, right? Our rental house doesn't look anything like that. Maybe tomorrow I'll take and post some pictures of our place. Yours looks awesome. And 5 acres with it, right? Nice :)

Mrs. R said...

I just have to say that you guys have been in your place like 3 months and it is far more settled and decorated than ours - and we've been there 8 months. Pretty sad. I just don't know how to hang anything, and Zigzag doesn't care if we hang anything. Maybe when the wedding pictures get here, things will change. :)

Oh - do I have permission to comment on grammar errors? If not, I'll remain silent.

Tony Real said...

You can feel free to post anything you want to about grammar errors, but it won't change anything and I'll ignore it. Think of the blog as something I don't spell or grammar check, or even reread for that matter. And if something doesn't make sense assume the exact opposite since I probably put too many negatives in it.

Mrs. R said...

So noted - no grammar comments from me. :)

Anonymous said...

T & W,

You two did a great job with your NC place! I concur with the previous comments; the decorations and arrangement are fantastic. Y'all should setup our house. I'm tired of this stupid white couch's placement but my wife won't let me change it! Help! I'm stuck with the evil British nanny!! ;)