Thursday, January 05, 2006

Finally Got the Ipod!

UPS tracking said it wouldn't come today, but it finally did!

I know tons and tons of people have these, but these are still the coolest. I cannot believe the image and video quality on the not so tiny lcd. I can't imagine watching an entire movie on it, but maybe a tv show. I better download some more video podcasts other than Tikibartv and Rocketboom (I will not like those again - they are already on my links on the side). The video quality is just soooo sharp.

What I just still have a hard time grasping is how small they are, even my huge 60gb ipod video.

Maybe I'm just a noob at this, but I don't have the nano or mini or anything. This is the full size, real deal, largest 5th (current) generation you can get. I think the nano and mini would be too small for me. I never thought when I was describing what mp3s where to people in 1996 that I'd ever have something like this!

I don't get excited by much, but this worked. Now I just need to see how I'm going to hook it up to my car stereo. It is going to take this thing hours to copy over the 5264 mp3s that I've just imported into my library. Maybe I'll have a little time. :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet! You'd better bring that thing when you and wife come to visit!

Anonymous said... looks like I have the jealousy bug now. Hmmm...I better start saving now cause im gonna get one.

Anonymous said...

I like the ipod but it has a short battery life and the screen is small.

See this review:

Tony Real said...

Interesting anonymous - that was a link talking about battery life on the 30GB video ipod.

And 3 hours of video playback and 15-20 hours of audio sounds like enough to me.

The screen is so clear BTW.

To each his own I guess. Thanks for reading the blog anonymous.