Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Irony

I should have been prepared for this, but somehow I wasn't. Because of listening to podcasts - I've listened to very very little popular music in the last 6 months or so. Thats really a long time when I think about it. Wendy listens to classic rock and country mostly so it isn't like I'll hear anything current (non-country) with her.

So, the ironic thing is that now I've got this new ipod, and I'm realizing that I haven't listened to much music at all lately. Still very useful for podcasts of course. So I've decided I'll start listening to lots of music again along with the podcasts - for a good balance. :)

Ok, so RealRhapsody is something i've used in the past for 2 months or so (a year ago) - because I was able to get it for free. But it was a pain to cancel after the free trial and they have a credit card on file so you have to call to cancel. RealRhapsody, for those who don't know - is a streaming music service that has a pretty large music library - the only hitch is it is streaming, not something you are downloading and keeping and moving to your ipod, etc. And you have to be on the computer or with a device that is supported that talks to your computer. It is unlimited music though while you have the service.

Many people are savvy and use applications like ReplayMusic to record the music and make them into mp3s, but i'm not specifically promoting that.

Anyhow, if you go to to

Click the blue Get my free pass button and wait for the short Honda ad to finish playing. When the ad finishes, click Begin 14-day FREE Rhapsody Trial.

Don't even worry about entering a valid email address, that part doesn't really matter believe it or not. This free trial doesn't require a credit card, and since they don't get any personal information really, it gives you an idea of what it is. It is definitely great for free. :)

This is how I'm going to start listening to some current music of the last 6 months. Geez, I feel like I was in a coma or something! Anyone have any recommedations of their favorite new song/arists of the last 6 months or so? :)

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