Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What does the V stand for?

I went to the DMV, which is the "Division" of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina. We've been in this state since July, and since we have 60 days to get a North Carolina driver's license, I figure I should wait until the week before my wife's license plates expire in Illinois. Of course.

The DMV here is so busy, they recommend appointments and I couldn't get in until today. I need the license to get my wife's car plates for North Carolina because the car is my name only. Ok, no big deal. I totally forgot about needing to study for the test. I had been warned by so many people that it is tricky here. I guess I was distracted because Wendy's car had a flat tire yesterday and while she was at work I took care of it, throwing my schedule somewhat off.

So, after studying from midnight to 2am, reading the book cover to cover, and feeling very nostalgic of cramming for tests in high school - I got all the necessary materials and documents and headed to the DMV.

- Of course, no line - heck, I didn't even need an appointment really. I talk to somewhere there and he looks at all my stuff. He asks me what the "V" in my name stands for, and I tell him "Vincent". Then he asks me to prove it, which apparently I cannot do since my Social Security Card, Driver's license, and pretty much everything else I have on me does not have it listed. And no, I cannot leave that detail off of my new license. GREAT. What if I didn't have a middle name? :) This guy also had a bunch of small computer problems, and asked me if I ever lived at Rose Lane. Um, noo.....

But he wants me to do all the tests to get it over with, I just can't get a license until I furnish proof with some official document (birth certificate, etc) which I don't have with me. The test - as it always is - was supereasy. I didn't get anything wrong at all. I don't know why I freak out about these things.

So, I'm prepared to leave and have to come back, and the last guy I'm talking to keeps punching in things on his computer. He also asks me if I live at Rose Lane. No again of course. Here's the kicker:


Their solution - since I am showing my social security card now - I'm fine (other than having to come back to prove my MIDDLE NAME FOR SECURITY REASONS) and this other person will have to show proof of SSN next time he's in.

I'm feeling really, really secure about identity theft right now.

On a lighter note, if you look to the left, I've added my netflix queue to my blog, so you can see what i'm about to watch. I know, I know, the fonts are all inconsistent along the left bar. I'll fix it later. :)


belle said...

That's scary Tony! If he's using your ssn for his license, what else is he using it for? And is it affecting you but you don't know it yet? That's frustrating. I'd probably be freaking out :o

Oh but your movie list looks good :) I watched 40-Year Old Virgin this weekend and it was funny. Not a movie I'd watch with my parents though. And I've heard Cinderella Man is excellent. We'll probably rent that one soon.
When you get a chance e-mail me that dates you'll be in IL. I can't wait to see you and Wendy!

Anonymous said...


Remember, i've got a leftover birth certificate from the dual citizenship thing (if you need it).

BTW, i've been told illegal immigrants just take random SS#'s for themselves, in the wrong state, so there is no cross-referencing. Either way, once you get the card, i'd get the police involved, since this can lead to some problems in the future.

Remember, they've got his address!