Friday, February 17, 2006


For my job, from time to time I have to go to the remote sites and actually fix problems. This time, I had to go about 80 miles away to Greenville. I was informed that Greenville is sometimes referred to as G'vegas. Maybe I wasn't there long enough, but all I could tell was the traffic was bad. I am so used to having to visit some of the smaller towns, I guess. The only real correlation I found with Las Vegas was "Hooker Street" that I came across but it was just a residential area. Maybe thats where they live. :P

One of the locations I had to go to had a lot of kids there (it is part of what they do). Kids being like 3- 5 years old I'm betting. So I have to fix a computer riddled that is with spyware and almost nonfunctional. IE is messed up making parts of windows not work. The important part of this story is that it was taking a while and I was in a room with all these kids.

When I got there, all of the kids where taking a nap. I figure this was going to be easy. Then after they start waking up, they find someone new in the room so they start chatting it up with me. I may have kids in a few years, so I figure I should probably at least interact with them. I just really have almost zero dealings with kids these days.

It went mostly fine, except for one or two kids. One kid asked me what my name was, so I told him. They he started calling me "Fifi" and asked me if I was a boy or girl. He said he seemed surprised because he thought I was a girl. Maybe it would have went better if I said, "Neither - I'm a Man"

The "Fifi" thing started catching on some with the other kids. Once that finally died down another kid came up to me and told me he didn't like my ears and wondered why I didn't do anything about them.

I love the honesty of kids and their lack of a filter.

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