Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sooo warm and Imogen Heap

First of all, let me say - it has been downright 70 degrees the last 2 days. I am sooo happy with this. It is going to be 40 tomorrow I think so this is going to be short lived. Still - very very nice. Why couldn't this be on the weekend? :)

I've listened to some songs from Imogen Heap recently. She is/was the female lead in Frou Frou, which many people may recognize from the song "Let Go" featured so prominently on the Garden State Soundtrack.

I can't get "Hide and Seek" out of my head. I know it was featured on the O.C. at some point - it couldn't have been that long ago. I don't watch the O.C. at all so I don't care. :) Anyhow, the song is fantastic. In the unremixed version - it still is very electronic - but only vocals. Wonderful effects. At this point I'd say I almost like it as much as "Always Forever" from Donna Lewis way back in the mid 90s before it was overplayed. Here's to hoping that it doesn't get crazy with airplay (unless it already has done so). My wife knew the song somehow (I think it was playing at VS) so everyone probably already knows it.

I don't listen to the radio at all - seriously. If this song is being overplayed where you at, let me know I'm several months behind. If you've listened to the song and like it - let me know. If you haven't listened to the song and listened to it by going to the myspace link in this post, let me know. If you didn't like it, let me know too :)

And IT people (Nudging Rich...) - M$ is offering a Second Shot on many MS Cert. Exams so go out and take some tests. I'm planning on doing at least 1 or 2.


Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!...that song rocks. It gets stuck in your head...good stuff though.

Anonymous said...

Great song!

I recently came across "Juliet". Check out her song "Avalon". I'm totally addicted. It's definately more techno-peppy than "Hide and Seek", but a good tune nonetheless.

Nur said...

Imogen Heap is amazing...I love her songs, and her style and everything basically.

That song was on So You Think You Can Dance. There was also a skit on SNL done to that song.