Sunday, March 19, 2006


I'm testing out the February CTP of Vista (5309) and it seems okay, but I just don't see much of an advantage of these new features. When XP first came out I simply turned off many of the enhancements.

Yes, like always I see the advantage for those who don't know how to navigate around in Windows- but other than the 5 year olds who haven't used Windows in the past - who doesn't know how already? Plus those 5 year olds will catch on just fine to anything you show them.

The funniest part so far for me -

It looks as if they actually broke Solitare. Yes, Solitare that for the most part which has gone unchanged for over ten year other than card backings does not work on my build. I can't even open it up. :)

I give it 10 stars. Excellent job Microsoft.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Walk on the Ocean, Step on the stones

Today for work I had to go to One Tree Hill (Wilmington), North Carolina. The job wasn't especially hard, but it just takes 3 hours to get there ultimately. So, in an 8 hour work day, 6 hours would be spent driving. Well, the way I drive maybe 5 hours.

We've lived in NC for 7 months now - and I still haven't been back to the ocean. Since I was literally 3 miles or so from the ocean, I figured I'd just go home later and stop by.

I know it is no big deal, but when you can just take 30 minutes out of your day to take a walk on the beach as a change of pace, it is actually pretty awesome and clears you head, at least for a minute. It's even better when it is a nice late winter day in the 70s. :)

As far as One Tree Hill goes I'll totally admit I watch a variety of teen shows on the WB - including Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Smallville. If you aren't watching those, you are missing out. One Tree Hill I know is supposed to be set in North Carolina, and is filmed in Wilmington. I can only sort of tell by being in the city, but then again it isn't like I was visiting the locations where filming takes place. (link doesn't work right now but I bet the site will come back up.)

I know I'm a dork. Shut it. :)