Thursday, March 02, 2006

Walk on the Ocean, Step on the stones

Today for work I had to go to One Tree Hill (Wilmington), North Carolina. The job wasn't especially hard, but it just takes 3 hours to get there ultimately. So, in an 8 hour work day, 6 hours would be spent driving. Well, the way I drive maybe 5 hours.

We've lived in NC for 7 months now - and I still haven't been back to the ocean. Since I was literally 3 miles or so from the ocean, I figured I'd just go home later and stop by.

I know it is no big deal, but when you can just take 30 minutes out of your day to take a walk on the beach as a change of pace, it is actually pretty awesome and clears you head, at least for a minute. It's even better when it is a nice late winter day in the 70s. :)

As far as One Tree Hill goes I'll totally admit I watch a variety of teen shows on the WB - including Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Smallville. If you aren't watching those, you are missing out. One Tree Hill I know is supposed to be set in North Carolina, and is filmed in Wilmington. I can only sort of tell by being in the city, but then again it isn't like I was visiting the locations where filming takes place. (link doesn't work right now but I bet the site will come back up.)

I know I'm a dork. Shut it. :)

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