Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blog Mega Post

Obviously I haven't posted in a while - sorry all. I've been extremely busy with work over the last month and my internet connection hasn't been all in all that reliable. Good times. This post will go in no particular order for topics, so hang on.

I started this blog shortly after being stung by bees back in last August I think. Based on my current research - it was actually yellow jackets (a member of the wasp family - not W.A.S.P. even though I live in the Bible Belt). Anyhow, we've got more wasps that we had last year but weren't giving us much of a problem. The wasps are paper wasps - and are not especially dangerous or aggressive, but still a huge pain.

Our wasps have the long, creepy legs but are more burgandy in color. Anyhow, these buggers either find a way to pry open a panel of our awning - or it just cracked out the other day on its own and they wanted to start nesting these. I went outside yesterday and wanted to just enjoy a day off in 85 degree weather - and was surrounded by these guys.

They just aren't in the picture since it was later in the day. So today - I went out, bought a ladder and hammered the opening shut. I knew they could come out at any time and the ground wasn't level so I didn't do a spectaular job closing it up, but it should hold for a little while. I'll drive some more nails in later.

So, I haven't seen the nest yet (it is early in the season, it may not even be well formed yet) but i'm assuming I've now got wasps trapped in my attic. I got 3 bug bombs and put them up there about 3 hours ago and hopefully any suckers up there are dead. I'm going to have to check later in the evening when they'd be sleeping if anything (or really angry).

I forgot why, but I was checking out Back to the Future at Wikipedia (I think I was looking up something about the flux capacitor) I skimmed the article - and I discovered something that was brand new to me - maybe everyone else already knew this - when the producers of Back to the Future couldn't get Michael J. Fox to play the part of Marty - they cast Eric Stoltz instead and filmed about 1/3 of the movie. Then, when they figured out that they cast the wrong person - MJF's scheduled opened up enough to put him into the movie.

I'm sure that it is mildly embarrassing that he got cut out of such a big movie - but I think he's a great actor and i'm just curious to see the video sometime.

And this part of the blog should only reach one person really (Jason - my brother) - but Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime II has recently been release. Who knew that all these years later they'd finish the story (i'm assuming). We all knew Mary had committed suicide and was not actually murdered because of the end credits of Operation: Livecrime - I wonder if they'll reveal it on this album. Those guys from Queensryche are some weird guys. :)

Oh, and now that it is getting warm here, i'm releasing I once again don't have money to buy air conditioning for my car. I spend a good chunk of the tax return on other car repairs for both of our cars. Great.....

Thats all I got for now. My internet connection has died a number of times while I'm writing this so I better get this out there before it goes down again. Ignore any extra proofing errors in this one. :)


Mrs. R said...

Those pics of Back to the Future are crazy!

What else has that guy been in? he looks a bit familiar.

Tony Real said...

He's really been in a lot. Check here to see what he's been in:

I recognize him most from the cancelled show "Out of Order" that used to be on showtime a couple of years back. Justine Bateman (Mallory from Family Ties) was in that too. I wonder if Michael J. Fox was something they talked about.

You might remember him from Pulp Fiction. He was the one that didn't want to put the needle through Uma Thurman's heart. (The drug dealer)

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm sure you told me about this several years ago. I didn't have any other BTTF friends back then. Yep, right after you told me about how the audience can actually see Biff disappear on the wide-screen version of the BTTF 2 disk (something that my measly full-frame version cannot display). Hey, my mom got me that - you can't just return something your mom gets you!


ps: I called your work phone the other day..... there was no cheery tony recording, so I hope that was your phone. Just sayin hey, stranger.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I could see the video of Stolz, although I think it was probably pretty bad.

Oh, and thanks for the info on Queensryche. They were the first "big" concert I went to (besides ones from when I was 2 or 3 years old with mom and dad) in my life. :P

Diabetic Mike said...

In relation to the wasps, why would you want to interfere with nature? Paper wasps are generally harmless unless their nest is disturbed.