Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wasp update

Yeah, one started buzzing around my office about 10 minutes after I posted last. How the heck did it get in here????

I used Hornet and Wasp Killer spray without testing it first. I managed to kill the guy (I hope - he appears to be dead - i'm giving him some time) but what I neglected to do was to test the spray first. It is a foam (didn't know) for outdoor use only. Needless to say- I made a mess.

Part of me just wants to close all the windows and just turn the A/C. I don't care this makes me a wuss(it does) - I just have a phobia of being stung by anything especially after what happened last summer. And to me, wasps just look more poisonous. Is that crazy?


Anonymous said...

Hey, T, I just wanted to letchoo know that I found yer blog on a whim (during one of my own little attempts at the form).

Figured I should check in, say "Hey," and let you know you've been linked.

Daniel G. Fitzgerald
fellow blogger, blast from past

Anonymous said...

I think the wasps aren't really that more poisionous looking - it's that they look more agressive and vicious (to me, anyway).

If it was me, i'd be pretty ruthless and get the biggest bug bombs out there and destroy them, myself. I'm all for letting nature live, but when it attacks you, you've got to do what you've got to do.

belle said...

Ok Tony. It's been over a month again. I want to know what's going on with you. So either e-mail me (but then you'll have to e-mail everyone else too, so that's a lot of work) or blog!