Sunday, May 14, 2006

Myspace Rant

I don't think myspace is a fad necessarily - but I think people need to take a serious look at how readable their profiles are.

I'm not on myspace. Will I ever be? I don't know - I just don't see what the big deal is. It seems like it is all about getting as many "friends" as possible and throwing as much crap on your profile page as possible. If I wanted to list out all of my interests, throw a song in the background, list my top 8 "friends" i've linked to, and allow people to put whatever comments they wanted to on my profile for me and others to read, I'd join myspace. Like I said, I just don't get it.

Back to my biggest issue- the design element. When I first made a couple of webpages back in the mid to late 90s - I'll admit they were hard to read and lacked design. Here is an example that is apparently still up on AOL (ha!). And to think, that was the REDESIGN to make it look cleaner and better. I'll fully admit it is bad.

It is very important when making a webpage to make the text readable - so, I don't know - people can read it. People are new to design tend to put more stuff on the page and care less about how usable it is.

Here's my brother's myspace profile. Jason - is that a Nelly Furtato video on your blog? :)
Anyway - I'm going to give him an A on myspace for keeping the text readable. Black background with white text. An easy ready.

Here's my sister's myspace profile. B for design because of the background image. Still kind of hard to read the text.

But here's my point - these are my examples of good myspace profiles. Many are even harder to read.

And honestly, I don't want to open up a webpage and hear the same song everytime I go to it.

Someone give me a convincing argument to start a myspace profile. I'm not saying I've got the best looking blog out there, but I just don't want to put that much crap on one page.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your old webpage is still up! I checked mine and I got a directory list of a bunch of old files. Nothing too interesting.

Anonymous said...

Myspace is really one of the worst things in the world. It gives everyone in the world access to a vain and stupid outlet for their very worst personality traits.

I really don't know WHY it appeals to people who aren't in bands. I mean, it is an easy way for folks in bands to throw some songs on the web and get some promo together before they lay out for a proper website. But otherwise, it is the suck.

My profile is at

*oh, the humanity*

Tony Real said...

Thanks for reminding me about that. For artists it makes sense since myspace is actually watched for new artists. Also, your page very readable.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Tony, this is how it goes (for me, anyway):

I signed up on it years ago just to screw around on some political forums when I had downtime, whether it was work or at home.

You seemed to have caught me in an odd thing with the Nelly Furtado video. I sort of liked the refrain, but got bored with it in two days.

Anyway, after a while, you just get people who add you for no apparant reason, and that's why i've got so many damn people on there. I didn't ask them to add me, they asked me and I was like whatever.

So, after a while, I find out everyone I know is on the damn thing, and that's why I made the comment earlier.

Anyway, there are two things you might find interesting related to that:

A. The video section. They have just tons and tons of clips in there, from the Space Ghost episode you know, to videos from the 80s / 90s, you name it.

B., which also does the same thing but seems to have even more.

C. The artist section, but you know that already.

Does it seem to make some sense about it now?

Basically, you've got a networking sort of mechanism with blogs, just like this, customizable, with music and video clips on it.

So, what's so bad with that?

BTW, how did you find my profile?

Tony Real said...

Jason -

Nothing is that bad with myspace, but i'm just tired of people telling me - "Oh, you've just GOT TO get on myspace"

I know it does a lot of things blogs do, just a lot messier.

Anonymous said...

Tony, your old web page was a blast from the past. I had almost forgot about the running dog league. Jen