Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Additional Treadmill Computer Pictures

I actually can't believe I had a request for more Treadmill Computer pictures, but here we go. I wasn't excited about taking one too bright because it was going to show off the terrible paint job I did in my office this weekend- but here we go:

View from the front again, but this time much brighter. You can easily see the mouse on the handrest of the treadmill and vaguely see the computer behind it. Next is the view from the side - where you can all the messy action is. I don't technically need a keyboard, but it helps sometimes. How else would I ever be able to potentially blog when on the treadmill? The speakers are amazingly loud and the subwoofer honestly makes a huge difference as well. I've got it all resting on some storage containers that I added because of cable length. Maybe one dayI'll get a table or shelf for it.

And here's the picture from the view of me on the treadmill. Digital photography of any monitor or tv never really looks right, but trust me it looks a heck of a lot better than a standard tv. Plus it is a lot bigger.

Just for proof that this really is running Windows - here is a screenshot from the desktop. I need to really either put this on the wireless connection or just get a long network cable.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Treadmill Could Use A Mousepad

I've had some seriously bad luck with DVD players that I use with my treadmill. Maybe it is because I buy the cheapest ones on the market or I buy free ones('buy free"?), but since my current one had the cover off, and I had to work with it oh so carefully and put my fingers in it to line up the disc right I felt like it was time for to replace it.

Then I had this brilliant idea. I had an extra computer (of course, don't we all?) and an extra dvd drive. I even had an extra 17' monitor. My tv I had been using was only 13". And of course my extra set of speakers I had been plugging my ipod into from time to time.

Yes, I know I'm a serious dork, but if I just plugged in a network cable I could surf the web while on my treadmill. Someone is going to tell me to pull the plug and get away from computers, but that person wouldn't see the beauty of this. My monitor is somewhere in between a high definition television and a normal tv - but much much closer to an HDTV. I'm running at 1280x1024 resolution - which looks really really good on the monitor. When I'm not using the computer I hit the power button and but the computer in hibernation mode, consuming almost no power at all. I simply hit the button - wait about 20 seconds and I'm back up and going again.

I just wish I had more space for the mouse. :) I can't believe I didn't do this a long, long time ago.

Driving Post

First of all, look very closely at the sign in this picture. It is very "elite". Yes, I'm a dork, but I did take it going 80mph.

And check out the craziest car commercial I've ever seen. It is for the Isuzu Gemini- and it is from the 80s. Most of this stuff couldn't have used too much computer graphics based on the age.

It is really insane - you have to see this.