Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Additional Treadmill Computer Pictures

I actually can't believe I had a request for more Treadmill Computer pictures, but here we go. I wasn't excited about taking one too bright because it was going to show off the terrible paint job I did in my office this weekend- but here we go:

View from the front again, but this time much brighter. You can easily see the mouse on the handrest of the treadmill and vaguely see the computer behind it. Next is the view from the side - where you can all the messy action is. I don't technically need a keyboard, but it helps sometimes. How else would I ever be able to potentially blog when on the treadmill? The speakers are amazingly loud and the subwoofer honestly makes a huge difference as well. I've got it all resting on some storage containers that I added because of cable length. Maybe one dayI'll get a table or shelf for it.

And here's the picture from the view of me on the treadmill. Digital photography of any monitor or tv never really looks right, but trust me it looks a heck of a lot better than a standard tv. Plus it is a lot bigger.

Just for proof that this really is running Windows - here is a screenshot from the desktop. I need to really either put this on the wireless connection or just get a long network cable.


Mrs. Smith said...

With all of these projects and "how-to" tips I think you should start your own show on TLC :) I love the tredmill computer idea. My problem isn't so much getting a computer in front of my tredmill. It is more of getting a tredmill in front of my computer. The tredmill has been sitting in the basement since we moved in and has yet to be turned on. For the 6 months before that it was in storage. Maybe I should just sell it. :) Well anyway - awesome idea. Perhaps I can find a way to mount my laptop on the front of the tredmill - then the mouse, keyboard, everything will be right there! I'll let you know if i do it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice setup. I expect you to be on IM more often now that it's infront of you while you're working out!

Jen said...

Where are you tony?