Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Driving Post

First of all, look very closely at the sign in this picture. It is very "elite". Yes, I'm a dork, but I did take it going 80mph.

And check out the craziest car commercial I've ever seen. It is for the Isuzu Gemini- and it is from the 80s. Most of this stuff couldn't have used too much computer graphics based on the age.

It is really insane - you have to see this.

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Mrs. R said...

That commercial is awesome!

Some of it, you can sort of tell how they did it. Like when the cars are side-by-side, you can probably assume they just had a bar connecting the two. And when the alternating blue and red cars are spinning, again I think they were connected and one car was really doing the driving. But a lot of that stunt driving looked completely real! That was awesome! (And I like the music, too!)