Sunday, September 24, 2006

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Most of the information I've found about reviews of Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs I haven't found to be terribly accurate. Normally I am with everything on Steven Bink's Website, but in this case theres wasn't a lot of info. People commenting on the article were even mentioning how based on screenshots you couldn't even use ping out of the box. I installed it and found it to not be true. Granted, I did a full installation of it, but it was there.

For those who haven't haven't heard of Windows Fundamentals, basically it is a stripped down version of Windows XP designed for use with older computers with lesser hardware. Windows firewall is still built into it and all of the basic features for business users were still in it. I haven't tried installing much software on it yet, but without any software loaded on it. As long as you have software assurance on a Corporate Version of Windows XP, you can definitely utilize it. It even uses the same product key. I haven't really seen too many limitations on it, but it is just missing some tiny features. Games are gone. Add/Remove Windows Components - well there aren't any to add. And it seems to utilize memory a little bitter - which is probably just because it isn't running as many services.

Here's some of my screenshots from it:

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No More Analog TV

I've said before to most people I see using the old rabbit ears on the televisions that at some point the FCC is going to be stopping the broadcast of analog signals. What this means is that those people using older tvs that aren't using Cable or Satellite are soon just going to be seeing snow on their TVs.

Now, the date was originally December 31, 2006 - which is what I had been telling people for a while - but this date was updated this February to now February 17th, 2009.

"Congress passed a law on February 1, 2006, setting a final deadline for the DTV transition of February 17, 2009. Most television stations will continue broadcasting both analog and digital programming until February 17, 2009, when all analog broadcasting will stop. Analog TVs receiving over-the-air programming will still work after that date, but owners of these TVs will need to buy converter boxes to change digital broadcasts into analog format. Converter boxes will be available from consumer electronic products retailers at that time. Cable and satellite subscribers with analog TVs should contact their service providers about obtaining converter boxes for the DTV transition."

I really don't think if you have cable or satellite anything is going to have change since they can convert this in their equipment before it gets to our houses.

I'm hoping we'll have a new tv before then so we don't have to worry about it. The only question is - how does this affect my htpc since I have 2 tuner cards that accept cable input?

Anyhow, everyone just keep this in mind if you are getting analog broadcasts.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gatlinburg Trip and I'm on the 'roids

I apologize for not posting very much as of late. I've been fairly busy with work over the last month and as of this week, the wife and I have been in the Smoky Mountains, which doesn't make me want to spend time blogging. We're still here, and I'll do a quick post.

The biggest thing on my mind right now is 3 weeks ago I picked up poison ivy, which I had never been in contact with before. I was trimming a tree in my front yard - and I was in contact with what I thought was just sap on the tree. I wasn't in immediate need to wash it off, which I'm sure was my mistake. Looking back, there was an ivy growing on the inside truck of the tree. I thought I had just been bit by a few mosquitos, but a week later - it started getting fairly bad. At this point it was only on my left leg and right arm. I started taking over the counter stuff for poison ivy and tried several different methods of controlling the itch.

We left for our trip, and despite pleas from Wendy, I didn't go to the doctor before left. I really don't like going so I avoid it at all costs. Finally Wednesday of this week, I agree to go, because, well, it kept spreading more and more and more - to the point it scared me.

I went in, got a 2ml shot of steroids - and I'm now on oral steroids to hopefully curb the reaction to the poison ivy. It's better but still not good yet. The best part almost passing out from the shot (not from nerves, some other reaction). Here are some pics of the poison ivy - but they aren't automatically shown for those who don't want to see them.


Lets just say it has spread to a lot of other areas in addition to these places.

We're having a great time in Gatlinburg though - spending our 4th Anniversary (I can't believe it is 4 already!) and my birthday here. I do consider myself lucky that I've got a wife that in addition to having fun on this trip, she just wants to go back to the room and watch Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica - I consider myself very lucky. :)

We've been hiking and just spending good time here. I'll post more pictures from the trip when we get back. We are going to Dixie Stampede tonight - which should prove to be interesting. Hope everything is going well with everyone.