Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still working too much

So, all I have to report is tech stuff.
The coolest tool I've seen all year is VMWare Converter. Basically this program will take a live computer while it is running and virtualize it into a VMWare Machine. It will be instantly bootable and all you have to do is install VMWare tools and it is will be instantly usable.

Did I mention that since it is in beta still it is free?

The steps are practically so self explanatory there is very little to even mention. That is, if you have used VMWare before.


Mrs. Smith said...

What is VMWare? And why would you want your computer to turn into a VMWare machine? :)

Anonymous said...

Neat, imagine if you could build this into an application! Debugging would be a snap. Just tell the user to send them a virtual copy of their machine in it's current state. Neato.

Jen said...

I second Julie's question. Also are you guys coming back for the holidays?

Mrs. R said...

Way to alienate your non-techy readers, Tony.

hehehe j/k

I'm used to nodding my head at gibberish whenever Zigzag tells me about his day.