Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kinda New Look

I'm surprised you are reading this. After nearly 2 months with no post, you've found your way here. First of all welcome to the pseudo new look. Blogger did a pretty good job of updating my template out of force but I still had to fix some things it doesn't look exactly the same. It is a lot easier to add content and make changes to the layout so I'm pretty happy with that.

I will be adding more content to this soon and have more frequent posts. Consider this to be a New Years Resolution.

As for now - I've added music to my page (no i'm still not a myspace junkie). You won't ever hear it by force, I'll just mention it if I change out a song. I'll start with a fairly unknown song that I love. Its "It Isn't Easy To Live That Well" by The Headlights. To hear it, click the arrow by the link that says "Click Arrow to Listen" under the music header.

Welcome to 2007.


Anonymous said...

Do give "Owl Eyes" a shot from their new LP, Kill them with Kindness.

I'm excited because they are coming to Europe to tour in Feb (Acc'd to their myspace page). Champaign Music to Europe. It's REO Speedwagon all over again. ;)

If you haven't picked up the new LP, I highly recommend it. Their myspace page doesn't do it justice with the TV single and what not. The CD has a broad reach in terms of their musical style.


Tony Real said...

Wow, Owl Eyes is really good. I heard that Kill them With Kindness was out but I just hadn't picked it up yet. Listening to it now. It's great to have RealRhapsody and be able to listen to almost anything at a moment's notice.

Jen said...

Welcome back!