Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why aren't you watching Scrubs?

Since Scrubs was put on Comedy Central, we just can't get enough of it in our household. The latest recent episode was entirely a musical - but I have a feeling this song was written first and they built the episode around it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, now, some of us don't have cable. Nor can we get it (to my knowledge). We just wait. Sit and wait for friends to show movies on their blogs. Bravo.

I want to be your Chocolate Bear.

Jen said...

I love scrubs! I do not feel like the show gets the recognition it deserves. I never miss the new ones but I am not an avid rerun watcher.

Tony Real said...

First of all - this was on NBC and not cable (This was a new episode) and it know it gets rebroadcast in Germany in German. :)

And Jen - i don't watch the reruns except for my favorite episodes either. There are so many rumors of it being cancelled however I'm watching it as much as I can.

Mrs. R said...

This was one of their best episodes (in my mind second only the Wizard of Oz parody titled "My Way Home").

We are big fans in case you couldn't figure that out. :-)

Jen said...

Hey Tony I am having trouble posting with the new version of blogger... it will only put up the title of my blog not the text any ideas?

Anonymous said...


Robot Chicken. You've probably seen this, but if you haven't.. then you're missing Seth's Green Opus..

And it's stop-motion animation with Transformers!

Note the line wrap.