Monday, July 09, 2007

Always Underpromise and Overdeliver

If I only listened to myself. As Mrs Smith pointed out, I fell back on my word about posting any pictures of the house. Here's picture #1. Once you walk in the front door, after the
entryway, this is pretty much the first thing you see. The living room isn't finalized yet as we are getting a nice flat screen once it is delivered As I clean up each room, you'll see another post with another room. Since we're seeing Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire at IMAX tuesday night (at midnight), I've got a feeling no pictures will come tomorrow, but hopefully the day after that.


Mrs. Smith said...

Looks good Tony! I will anxiously be awaiting the rest of the pictures! :) Hope you enjoyed the movie!

Anonymous said...


Ich LIEBE deine Fernsehenbehälter! Die sind der Hammer!

Seriously, where'd you get those? I want to replace our standard wood brown versions with something that has a personality.. like Scarlett Johansson's.

Tell Mrs. Wendy that she has an awesome eye for that kind of stuff.. and don't try to front like you picked them out, sucka.