Thursday, July 05, 2007

What, all this time and all I get is this lousy post?

I fraking love this movie. Holly Hunter is at her peak of craziness in the grave digging scene from a Life Less Ordinary. If you haven't seen this movie, you probably won't get it, but it is fantastic.

The new house is clean so i'll take pictures and post them this weekend. Consider that a promise.


Jen said...

I am not holding my breath! ;P

Mrs. Smith said...

You broke your promise! The weekend is over - and still - no pictures....come on TONY! We are waiting!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ich habe gesagt:

How many times can you and I continue to quote or reference this film? We need our own version of a Gay Pride Parade, or perhaps a NAMBLA-esque website to push our own agenda and really bring this film into the open.

Any ideas on what we can call it?

How this film continues to pass under people's radar... it's a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

Tony, it's a fact that I think of you every time I see the movie.

For better or worse!

And I like that it's under the radar.

That way it's not overplayed or overdone!