Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where can I find this?

For whatever reason, some artists have a slightly different version of a song that is released as a single, and then it is nearly impossible to find the often superior version of the song since it was never on an album. Whether it is the Voodoo Economics Remix of Desire from U2 (which is a nice change from the original, but I wouldn't call it superior), or in the case of the video linked here Only Love (The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty) from Sophie B. Hawkins. I literally have not heard this version of this song since high school (I graduated in 1996). Thanks to Youtube, I can at least see the video and hear the radio version of the song(and you can too). Sure - the album version which I have the CD for actually is pretty decent, but this version is way better. Hearing this seriously takes me back. Does anyone know where I can get a high quality digital recording of this song in this version?

Oh, and my parents are coming to visit on Tuesday, so I'm forced to do a good cleaning of the house (and i'll take pictures of every room before then) I'll finally come through!


Mrs. Smith said...

Seriously dude - where are the pictures?

Tony Real said...

Yeah, I probably should take the pictures and post them. I'm probably going to have a megapost soon.

On a side not, I got tired of not having this song, so I figured out a way to make it. :)