Saturday, September 01, 2007

Suspend Your Disbelief - HOUSE PICTURES

Before I lose some friends here, I took the time to post a complete walkthrough of our new house.



Mrs. Smith said...

Tony, the place looks awesome! Congratulations to you and Wendy on having such a nice home. I am sure you are both very happy to have such a great place to come home to at the end of those looooooong work days. In any case, I am glad to finaly see the pictures! Thanks for posting them! :)

Anonymous said...


The house looks great, complete with Oak trees visible from your bedroom window. You guys scored some great property. Of course, it's even nicer with Wendy's touch. Kudos on the yellow kitchen; it looks so welcoming in there. Can't believe you have such a nice backyard, too. Time to get some grill on.


Mrs. Smith said...

Happy Birthday - a couple of days late - Sorry it's belated I have been dealing with a lot around here. I hope it was good! :)