Monday, November 12, 2007

The Perfect Movie

For me, there isn't just one perfect movie. Some movies when I watch them are just so well executed and done so perfectly though, they just stand out to me. Even my favorite movies I know aren't perfect, but some movies - while not my one favorite movie to beat all other movies are so perfectly done I can't imagine them being any better. The shots are flawless - the music is amazing.

Lost in Translation is one of those movies. Some people may watch this movie and think it is boring, but the style, characters, the visual imagery, and the music make this movie amazing. It came out in 2003, so it might just now be starting to be forgotten, but if you haven't seen it I wholehearedly recommend it.


Mrs. Smith said...

I LOVE Lost in Translation. It is on my "favorites" list too.

Jay Real said...

Tony, this is why you must travel more.

You get to experience things like that IN REAL LIFE (and i'm not talking May-November Romances here).