Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Updates In General - Random Post

I had a few weeks there where work got a bit of control time wise, but now I'm back to normal.

My sister moved to New York City fairly suddenly. Everyone wish her luck!

Something intesting technical wise that I've been working with is Windows Deployment Services, specifically for Windows XP. Vista is fairly easier to deploy using it, but XP is certainly possible. There's a real lack of documentation, and most people are going to get tripped up with many parts of it if used. This is supposed to be an upgrade for RIS, which honestly I felt was always too cumbersome to use.

I'll write a lot more about it, but WDS comes with a program called imagex, which creates .WIM files that are a lot like ghost images, but are file based, not sector based, meaning you can do things like reapply the image to a partition and keep the majority of your data. I know RIS had something like this, but were you able to create and use these files outside of RIS? :)

I'll write a lot more detail about how to use WDS later - I'll try to come up with the most detailed guide on how to use it with a single image that you could install on multiple HALs.

My boss Anthony recommended that I watch Primer. The movie is mainly dealing with time travel, but honestly I can't see any way that anyone could understand this movie the first time through without a guide. It is very smart - I can tell that, but I'm going to need a 3 or 4th time through. There's a lot of WTF??? going on, thinking that scenes must have been cut from the movie, but once I watched all of it, I realized that my brain must be in a for a world of hurt. I'm sure now the movie makes sense, but I'm going to really need to think about it. I read the movie was made for $7000, which even makes Clerks look a high budget movie ($32,000). But nothing in the movie looks wrong to me. It just goes to show a smart movie can be made for not that much cash.


Jen said...

My comment is actually about your use of WTF. One of my students said that to me the other day just in casual conversation. I may be getting to lack in my old age if a kid thinks they can say that not not get busted.

Tony Real said...

I wouldn't use the term in polite conversation, but as far as I'm concerned its perfectly acceptable in terms of internet jargon.

Its just awkward to say out loud anyhow.

Then again, i'm not in junior high, so I think i'm allowed :)

On the other hard - this brings up an interesting conversation....as an adult - does the idea of profanity - that the idea that there are words you just aren't supposed to say should really even exist? Now I don't swear very much at all to be truthful, but 99% of the time it isn't offensive to me, my only concern is that it might be offensive to other people.

As far as I'm concerned, if someone knows what WTF means, I'm not teaching them anything new. Were you offended it was in the post?

Mrs. Smith said...

Tony, I was not offended with the WTF in the middle of your post. But, my question is about your sister...What is she doing in NY!?!? I hope she likes it there and I wish her the best!

Tony Real said...

She took a trip out there with a few friends a few months back and had an awesome time. A position basically was offered to her out there and she decided to take the plunge and make the move out there. I'm not going to say this was an entirely long through out, premediated move, but its definitely a brave one. She moved out there by herself this week!

Mrs. Smith said...

wow good for her. that is a brave move! i can definitely see her loving NY. i hope it goes well for her.