Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wow, I've never seen her look so 80s

That being said, Stevie Nicks is still awesome. But look at her hair!

On a side note, it seems a little sad to see her holding a baby as I just read that hse made a conscious decision not to have children (or get married) in order to keep Fleetwood Mac together.

Anyhow, she's awesome. She does some backup vocals for Vanessa Carlton on her new album. I could have picked out her distinctive voice in a heartbeat.


Jay Real said...

Actually Stevie aborted a baby that she was pregnant with from Don Henley in the 70s. The song "Sara" was written about that unborn child.

Very tragic, if you'd ask me...

Tony Real said...

Agreed, tragic. She did have several abortions from what I read (I also heard miscarriages, but who knows whats real?)

My point is it seemed like she had an attachment to wanting children, but knew it wasn't ever going to happen and that she could never be a resonsible mother based on her career.

Oh, and I doubled check on Sara and it seems that only according to Don Henley thats what the song is about :) Can I get a ruling?