Thursday, April 17, 2008

Truck Update - As Requested

Yeah, I'm bad about updating my blog. Thanks for the nudge Jen. :) Here are some pictures of my truck taken a few days after the purchase. Its taken a bit of getting used to. Its only 6" longer than my Bonneville was, but its quite a bit higher off the ground and wider. So, i'm honestly not very good at parking it, but i'm doing pretty good on the road now.

I ended up replacing the stereo within a week of the purchase - the stock radio had no way of hooking up an ipod and the fm transmitter just wasn't a good option. The good news is it sounds WAY better now and the ipod works fine.

Its really nice to have the bed of the truck for transporting anything now - and i'm no longer concerned about buying something and the "what if it fits in my car?" I've had so many times. I know its obvious, but when all you have are passenger vehicles, it comes up all the time. I so wish I had this truck when we were moving.

I can't wait for summer now, since I'll actually have air conditioning in my vehicle. Its been almost 6 years since I've had it.