Monday, July 28, 2008

In A World Without Infomercials

We're living in a world with two kinds of people. Those who remember that there was a point late in the evening when television stations actually stopped broadcasting shows and those who had no idea.

In conversing with my younger brother, who is 8 years younger than me, I came to the realization that he had never seen a station sign off because most tv stations had moved to a 24 hour format (many complete with infomercials instead).

Here's an example of one from my hometown - and it feels really familiar. Are we better off now to have infomercials? Are you under 35 years old and remember these? If so, you're going to be in the minority soon. Anyone else remember these?

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Mrs. Smith said...

I barely remembered that. I see that was from 1989 when I was 8 though. I am pretty sure I was always in bed by 8pm back then. But on the few occassions I was up late, I do remember those colorful bars and the loud beeping noise. Hmmmm what did people who worked the night shift do for entertainment when they got back home at 3am?