Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Savannah

Being on vacation actually gives me a chance to play with HDR photography again. What does everyone think of this one? This is of the entryway to Wormsloe Plantation, which was the plantation of Noble Jones hundreds of years ago. The actual original structures are basically in ruins, but the four hundred oaks that line the entryway actually make the visit worthwhile.

We're staying in The Marshall House in the Historic District of Savannah. I think its technically a B&B and technically "Haunted", but its been a pretty comfortable stay and I'd recommend it for a not terribly expensive stay (or we're just in the off season) and location alone.


Mrs. Smith said...

Tony, Good job on posting on your blog! Savannah looks awesome. We have wanted to go for a while and almost went last year. I really want to see those 400 oaks and eat at Paula Dean's - maybe next year we will make the trip. Your picture looks great! I'd say it's frame-able! You will have to give me some suggestions on what else to do in Savannah. How long is your trip?

Tony Real said...

We're actually back already, but in the upcoming days I'll try to post a bit more about what the do there.

Thanks for the compliment on the oaks picture. :)

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